Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just a slight change in plans...

Pirate attacks are no longer the stuff of movies. In the Gulf of Aden acts of piracy have been increasing. After the recent attempted attack of a passenger cruise ship, the Institute for Shipboard Education decided to adjust our itinerary slightly. Instead of going from Spain to Italy, Turkey, and Egypt, the MV Explorer is now going from Spain to Morocco and then following the coast of Africa down to Namibia and South Africa. After spending time in South Africa we will sail to Mauritius and then return to our previously scheduled destination of India.

My reaction to all this? Well, I am stoked beyond belief that I get to cross the equator! I am equally excited to visit more African countries. Sadly I will not have a chance to ride a camel in front of the pyramids. Or fight off Pyrovile with a water pistol (inside joke). Overall I think I will enjoy the new ports and I am extremely glad that I took History of Pre-Colonial Africa this past semester!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's all in the details...

44 days to go. Colorado State has all the study abroad students attending orientations, finalizing details, and memorizing emergency contact information. I have started to pack three times and then realized that I still have over a month before leaving. So now I only mentally pack. Strangely...every time I mentally pack, I forget my toothbrush.

This is the final push. One more week of classes, one week of finals, and then a little work between me and the Bahamas. I rotate between periods of excitement and moments of extreme insecurity. Going to a student orientation that had a focus on the cost to bring my dead body back to the United States really didn't help.

And so I get through those moments by mentally repacking and planning out another part of the trip. I have a list of random stuff to bring (like water guns for my Mount Vesuvius trip and bollywood soundtracks for India). 44 days until I sail out of the Nassau harbor. Anyone else excited?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Scheduling the days

72 days before departure day! My class schedule is now complete. Semester at Sea follows a system similiar to high school where classes are on A and B days instead of a typical university schedule. In addition to that, the ship follows military time in everything, including class schedules. That being said, here you go!

World Geography and the Human Mosaic: Daily 0920-1035

Shakespeare Around the World: B 1045-1200
Military Force and Diplomacy: B 1215-1330

A History of U.S. Immigration Law: A 1045-1200

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

One day left before class registration. Two weeks left before all my paperwork is due. Fifty-eight days until I go home for winter break. Eighty-five days until I leave Albuquerque for Nassau. Eighty-nine days until I leave Nassau for Spain and start my life on the MV Explorer!

...not that I am counting.